• I’m never going to the mountains without a literary object again.

  • thetargetbird:

    All our wishes made us thirsty,
    ready to risk the rain in an already
    drenched summer and we’re distracted
    by radicals: minutes incessantly reminding
    us that we’re at the edge of where we can
    still measure the increments of desire.

    We welcome the morning informally,
    thrilled to find ourselves: two halves
    close to being reversed, leaving other
    broken states in a house of ecstasy.

  • stupidlittletuftybeard:


    Hense - 700 Delaware (2012) - Mural on abandoned church

    I live about two blocks from this. It’s beautiful.

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  • rozenstar:


    long distance relationships

    This made me laugh louder than it should

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  • Woman is “the lovely trembler.”

    Mary Wollstonecraft 

  • Arithmetic

    I was struck when I heard the word eros.

    In class I was told that long ago there was a man,

    Maybe a god, who had a partner who

    Completed him. She filled the dotted lines

    Where he could not. Something about a rib

    Giving birth to submission, something about interlocking fingers

    And finding your other half. But I think you’re just fine.


    It struck me. Hard.

    Typically— you do finish my leftovers

    Typically— you make my head a little

    More bearable.

    You feel my breath before I’ve breathed in and

    Taste the words from my lips before I know how

    to thread them. But I think I’m just fine.


    You do not complete me.

    I was whole before I met you.

    Still—there’s something about fullness, about refuge.

    Something about absorption, about always. About how

    I can’t let go, the way your eyelids bow—

    When you tell me you love me. There’s something about eros

    That reminds me not everyone


    gets to rock you.

  • Oxford commas are important.

  • Heroes

    I slipped out somewhere between
    Lord hear our prayer and I am not worthy:
    Babies being baptized on a million dollar altar.
    You make life look improper,
    Like dying isn’t dirty.
    Her strong ankles swell.
    Mine, they just buckle.
    And you can’t look at your mother
    When porcelain babies are all
    You can handle.
    We only wiped spaghetti on your Shirt because we wanted to get to know you.

  • sittingwithwaterhouse:


    Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen


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  • "On cold days a man can see his breath, on a hot day he can’t. On both occasions, the man breathes" (Zadie Smith’s White Teeth).

  • I would come running.

  • the heart falls where your chest is

    and now a piece of me is a piece of the beach 

    and it falls just where it needs to be

    and rests peacefully

    so you just need to breath 

    to feel my heart against yours now

    against yours.

  • More

    I think it’s good we won’t have to share doorways or change paths any more. We won’t have to feel bad any more.