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    I slipped out somewhere between
    Lord hear our prayer and I am not worthy:
    Babies being baptized on a million dollar altar.
    You make life look improper,
    Like dying isn’t dirty.
    Her strong ankles swell.
    Mine, they just buckle.
    And you can’t look at your mother
    When porcelain babies are all
    You can handle.
    We only wiped spaghetti on your Shirt because we wanted to get to know you.

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    Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen


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  • "On cold days a man can see his breath, on a hot day he can’t. On both occasions, the man breathes" (Zadie Smith’s White Teeth).

  • I would come running.

  • the heart falls where your chest is

    and now a piece of me is a piece of the beach 

    and it falls just where it needs to be

    and rests peacefully

    so you just need to breath 

    to feel my heart against yours now

    against yours.

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    I think it’s good we won’t have to share doorways or change paths any more. We won’t have to feel bad any more.

  •, how could I have deserted you all semester? Let’s spend the whole night catching up. In the morning, I’ll fix you a fine breakfast. Whatever you want. Together, we’ll watch the sun rise. 

  • Carton, Nobel Barstool

    If you want to die, do good. Darnay: I gave him love, my name. Rolled head from guillotine. Spare parts, loose change. Not for love of life, not for legacy. Simply put: I despised all of France more than he. 

  • There’s that dream,

    the one where everything’s 


    the one where

    waves don’t crash— your wooden body slides across

    fleshy planks. Back and forth, you’re not on a voyage.

    You are no sailor. 

    Nebula letters and vintage planets

    billow over heaps of paper

    (everything’s softer), 

    between lose ears,

    and all at once 

    you realize you know where you are 

    before you forget where you were

    (Dear God, how far?) You realize

    time is those kinky-linear shoelaces

    your mom found at Big Lots;

    it knots folds and frays,

    completely comes undone

    rounds up and backs again.

    And you! The Shoelace Tier, the Aging Orchestrator!

    Gliding over weird metal waves

    (still not crashing)

    trying to remember 

    (you still can’t remember)

    how many loops the bunny ears make

    before heading back down south.

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  • Go Fish,

    You sent cards for our birthdays.

    New Age,

    You called from a land line.


    you called from your son’s phone.



    you crinkle your thin nose

    and you tense tissue lids together.

    You press your ageless tongue

    to your soldier lips:

    (you never will forget)

    best wishes,





    the baby?

    (From behind foursquare gardens,)

    With love,

    you sign for two.

  • i just want to be a skinny critical theorist who eats bread all day. 

  • I’m sorry that

    Yesterday I baked you brownies with boxed

    cake mix. I’m fairly certain that I forgot to

    rinse the eggs before cracking. But some really,

    really fucking impressive people

    say you don’t need to 

    wash the shells. Also you should know

    I was so excited to mail your care package—

    I’ve been planning it for weeks. But I was running late so 

    I prematurely extracted them from this oven and

    doctored them with my hair dryer set on COOL—

    all before swaddling them in saran wrap,

    condensation gathering in the wrinkles, inside

    the easter basket grass and construction paper

    hearts and other artificial plastics

    that are supposed to tell you—

    that from all the way over here—

    I love you 

    and that, that’s sincerity.

  • Even Chicagoans cry over dead two year olds.

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    Rocky Horror Picture Show modern day fancast


    I’d watch it.

    A fan cast I actually like! Yes plz

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